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Low Temperature Planetary Ball Mill

Cryogenic lab planetary ball mill is composed of planetary ball mill and liquid nitrogen tank .
It is mainly applied to ultrafine grinding under condition of low-temperature requested by materials.
It is widely used for Laboratory low temperature grinding & mixing.

Products Specifications:


Cryogenic lab planetary ball mill is composed of planetary ball mill and liquid nitrogen tankIt is mainly applied to ultrafine grinding under condition of low-temperature requested by materials. widely used for Laboratory low temperature grinding & milling.


1.Low Temperature grinding with liquid nitrogen, can grinding Biological samples, Chinese herbs, organics etc.

2.Variety Capacity for optional: 0.4L, 1L,2L, 4L,8L, 12L, 16L,20L,40L,60L,80L 100L for optional.It not only can use for laboratory also suitable for industrial producing.

3.Planetary ball mill, can grinding the sample to very fine size.

4.Variety grinding jar for different sample's usage: stainless steel, nylon, zirconia, agate, alumina etc.

5.Strictly temperature control, the working temperature can reach -20 degree with flowing liquid.

Application area:

Geology and Mineralogy: rock, gravel, sand, minerals
Ceramics: porcelain, sintered ceramics, clay, fireclay
Chemistry: pesticides, fertilisers, salts, inorganic and organic materials
Biology: plants, leaves, freeze-dried samples
Pharmaceuticals: ophthalmological agents, gels, creams, extracts, drugs, pastes, degees, tablets
Material technology: pigments, precious materials, new materials, alloys, mechanical alloying and activating

Analysis preparation: spectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence, X-ray structure analysis, chromatography

Item NO.


Compatible Non Vacuum grinding jars

(20ml, 50ml, 100ml) * 4

Compatible Vacuum Grinding Jars

50ml *4, 50ml grinding jars only for vacuum

Operation mode

2 or 4 grinding jars working simultaneously

Feeding granularity

Soil materials < 10mm, others materials < 3mm

Discharging granularity

For some materials, minimum to 0.1μm

Sample type

hard, medium-hard, soft, fibrous, brittle, moist

Rotational Speed of Grinding Jar


Rotational Speed Ratio (planetary disk : jar)

1 :2

Drive mode

gear drive and belt drive

Speed control

stepless speed regulation

Electrical data

0.25KW, 110V/220V AC, 60Hz

Max continuous grinding time(full-load)




Dimension / Package dimension

502*300*298mm /   610*370*370mm

planetary ball mill.JPG



Q1:What's the lowest temperature will be of the low temperature ball mill

A: It can reach -20~ 60 degree during the working processing

Q2: How many capacity do you have?

A: we have minimum 0.4L to maximum 100L for optional

Q3:What's the grinding jar can I choose?

A:We have stainless steel, zirconia, nylon, alumina, agate for choice

Q4:Does your quotation include the liquid nitrogen tank?

A: If you can buy the liquid nitrogen tank from local market, we can reduce this parts only supply you the joint part and nitrogen controoler part.

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