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Medical Vertical Planetary Ball Mill With Vacuum Grinding

Medical Vertical Planetary Ball Mill With Vacuum Grinding

Brief introduction: The laboratory planetary ball mill is universally applicable for quick dry or wet grinding of inorganic and organic samples for analysis, quality control, materials testing and mechanical alloying. Working principle: The material is crushed and torn apart in two or four...

Products Specifications:

Product Description:

Planetary ball mill is mixed, fine grinding, sample preparation, dispersion of nano material, new product development and small batch production of high technology materials necessary device. The product has the advantages of small volume, complete function, high efficiency, low noise, scientific research units, universities, corporate laboratories to obtain micro particles of sample (each experiment can also get four samples) the ideal equipment is equipped with vacuum ball milling tank, under the vacuum state grinding specimen.


Condition New


Ball mill
NameVertical Planetary Ball Mill Machine
Grinding modeVacuum Grinding
WarrantyOne Year limited with  lifetime support
Speed adjust
Auto and speedless ball mill
Ball mill media
Stabinless steel,alumina,zirconia,agate,cemented carible

Milling tank materials

Mental material:stainless steel,cemented carbide

Nonmetallic material:ceramic/corundum/alumina/zirconia/agate

High polymer material:nylon/polyurethane/ptfe

Main Features:

  1. With small size, light weight, low noise.

  2. can be operated continuously, one-way running, automatic positive and reverse continuous and regular operation.

  3. main belt tightness adjustable, long-term use is not easy to slip, greatly extended the service life.

  4. Repeat-ability, for the same material, the same process, the result is repeated several times the ball mill. Because of the time, the belt is loose, which can lead to the rotation speed 


Agricultural: Plant material, seed, soil, tobacco, wood fiber

Biological : Bones, hair, paper towels

Ceramic and glass :Ceramic oxide and clay minerals, glass, hydroxyl phosphate

Carbon fiber, catalyst, cellulose, pigments, coatings, plastics and polymers

Building materials : Bentonite, cement clinker, polymer, gypsum, sand, stone

Environmental research : The mixture, electronic chips, sludge, waste

Mineral and metallurgical and metal electrons:

Alloys, coal, coke, iron ore, metal oxide, quartz, semi-precious stone, slag, magnetic materials,   etc.

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