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Planetary Ball Mill For Mixing

Planetary Ball Mill For Mixing

The 360degree rotation planetary ball mill is ideal for lab fine powder grinding and mixing. The materials can be fully comminuted,mixed and homogenized.

Products Specifications:

Planetary ball mill for mixing and grinding


In planetary ball mill, four ball milling jars placed on a planetary disc revolve at a high speed of the planetary disc to rotate  themselves at a high speed.At the same time, the planetary disc and the ball milling at the whole roll in power under the motor 360 degrees, During the continuous transformation , a more intense of uniform friction and impact energy is  generated between the material and the grinding ball, which makes the material in the ball mill can be fully comminuted,mixed and homogenized.


1.Stable revolving speed of the gear transmission ensures the consistency and repeatability of the experiment.
2. Four powder samples from different sizes and different materials can be produced at one time.
3. The machine is controlled by frequency converter, you may choose ideal rotating speed according to expected experimental result. The converter is equipped with device of under voltage and over-current to protect the motor.
4. The planetary ball mill has functions of timing power off, self-timing forward and reversal rotating. You may choose freely any operation modes of one-way direction, alternation, succession, time setting according to experimental needs, so as to improve efficiency of grinding.
5. Low center of gravity, stable performance, compact structure, easy operation, reliable safety, low noise
6. Safety switch is installed on the machine to prevent safety accident if the safety cover is opened while machine is running.


Planetary ball mill working procedure:

Related grinding jars and balls:

Grinding examples:


After-sale service:

1)  One year guarantee for whole machine except of ball mill jars and balls.

2)  24 hours technical support by e-mail.

3)  Free replacement for defective parts due to manufacturing.

4)  Any defective must be reported within 7 days after receiving the shipment.

5)  If the machine is found any faults or defectives, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to solve them according to the following terms:

  • a. Common faults: 

Common faults refer to failure of non critical parts or improper configuration that effects partial operation or leads to inconvenience of machine operation. We shall solve such problems by email or posting parts by courier.


  • b. Serious faults:

Serious faults refer to failure of key parts or improper configuration that influence running or operating of machine widely. We shall firstly diagnose reasons of faults by email or phone, then,shall send replacement of parts by courier, until solve the problems. Courier freight shall be for our account within quality warranty period.

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