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Planetary Ball Mill Lab Ore Powder

Planetary Ball Mill Lab Ore Powder

The planetary ball mill are perfect grinding machine for lab ore grinding.
Widely used in research institution, universities,and industry new products development.

Products Specifications:

planetary ball mill lab ore powder


DECO-PBM-V-0.4L is a Planetary Ball Mill designed for mixing, fine grinding, and preparing small volume high-tech material production, which features with small volume, high efficiency, low noise and Lock clamps. If choosing with optional vacuum jar, it can grind samples under the vacuum condition or filled with inert gas. The product is extensively used in the fields of Geology, Mining, Metallurgy, Electronics, Construction Material, Ceramics, Chemical Engineering, Light Industry, Medicine, and Environmental Protection, etc.

Application area:

1. Ceramic.     

2. Pigment. (Paint/ink/color/coating)    

3. Agriculture. (Tea / Chinese herb / plant / Coffee beans / etc)    

4. Pharmaceutical production (Medicine/Drug)    

5. Solid waste treatment. (Soil / metal / Plastic)    

6. Mine. (Ore/stone/metal/litharge/lithium/alumina/coal/chrome/graphite/ lead/etc)    

7. Construction ( Stone / glass / cement / concrete / sand / slag )    

8. Powder metallurgy; / Abrasive materials;    

9. catalysts production and recycling;    

10. Chemical.    

11. Others ( Comestic / makeup / clinker / pearl / linestone / etc )   

Different material of grinding jars for optional: 

Grinding media balls:


Grinding test:

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