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Vertical Planetary Ball Mill For Grinding Sample

Vertical Planetary Ball Mill For Grinding Sample

Brief introduction: The laboratory planetary ball mill is universally applicable for quick dry or wet grinding of inorganic and organic samples for analysis, quality control, materials testing and mechanical alloying. Working principle: The material is crushed and torn apart in two or four...

Products Specifications:

Product Description


Vertical Laboratory Planetary Ball Mill for Grinding Sample is a necessary device of high-tech materials mixing, fine grinding, sample making, new product development and small batch production.

Planetary ball mill can grind coarse particles into micro powders. It can mill the materials from 3-10mm maximum into 0.1-1um minimum powder. Planetary Ball Mill Machine can deal 0.1L to 100L material per time depends on the model choose. Widely applied in industries of chemical, medical,construction, mineral, etc.

Quick Details

TypeBall Mill
Product Type

Small Planetary Ball Mill Machine

Machine Type Grinder mill
UsuagePower milling

Stainless steel

Speed Adjust

Auto-stepless ball mill

Rotation Speed 20-430rpm varies model by model

1 year


  • 1.control system: main switch, emergency stop, power indication

  • 2. control panel: LCD display

  • 3. exhaust fan, support foot, air convection window, handle, observation window

  • 4. ball mill jar, planetary disk, jar holder, fastening device, gas spring


  1. Soil /Solid Waste /Pigment / Medicine/ Chemical

  2. Mine. (Ore/stone/metal/lithium/coal/ chrome/graphite/glass / cement / concrete / sand / slag/ Ceramic / etc)

  3. Agriculture. (Tea / Chinese herb / plant / seeds)

  4. Powder metallurgy/ Abrasive / Catalysts

  5. Others (Please inquire sales for confirmation)

Main Features

  1. High uniformity and excellent repeat-ability

  2. Fast rotational speed, high efficiency and fine granularity

  3. Programmable interval and pause times

  4. Four samples with different sizes and materials in one experiment

  5. Large range of materials available for grinding media

  6. Small volume, Complete function

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