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What Are The Differences Between Laboratory Ball Mills And Production Ball Mills?

The distinction between planetary ball mills can be divided into laboratory ball mills and production ball mills. The laboratory ball mill is mainly used for experimental research. The operation is simple, the volume of the ball mill is small, and the noise is low compared to the production type ball mill. However, there are few abrasive materials and it is mainly suitable for experimental research. Laboratory ball mills are not much different from production ball mills in terms of structure, materials, and principles.

Production-type ball mills are mainly used for mass production, because the output is large and easy to maintain and use, and the main difference between the laboratory ball mill and the ball mill is the difference in the volume of material production and volume. Therefore, when selecting a ball mill, it is recommended that a small-scale laboratory ball mill be used for small batch production of materials, and a production type ball mill is recommended for batch production.